Lone Star Portraits is San Antonio's best choice for wedding photography and cinematic coverage. Known for treating folks like family, LSP brings the friendliest service and the most beautiful of rare imagery to all of Texas. Call us today and experience how easy it is to collaborate with expert coordinators in preparing a wedding day timeline. You'll also enjoy the freedom of customizing camera coverage to fit your needs and the confidence of having an experienced, professional artist behind the camera.  














































        Hi, I'm Rene. Creator of Lone Star Portrait and  just one of the operators responsible for the imagery on this website. I'm a Texas native, a father to 6 amazing kids and husband to the coolest wife there ever was or will be. It's true, I've been blessed. When away from my camera I love a good adventure, slightly burnt tortillas and taking risk but, sometimes I like to slow it down and enjoy lazy Sundays with family and kickback parties just as much.

       Almost 10 years ago I set out to carve my own path and design my best life. My love for the camera brought me to LSP and, it allows my family and I the freedom to spend time with positive people, having good times and making memories with great people. That's what it's all about for us, and thus the reason we chose to be wedding day story tellers - to fill our lives with love, light and camera angles. 

How I work...

            I also believe that weddings are sacred and the mark of a new beginning. Weddings are such a big deal to me, being asked to tell a wedding story is a huge honor. My approach is all about making a connection and providing a joyful experience while bringing you the best of my ability. I do this by getting to know my couples and aim to understand their expectations.


       Couples that work with Lone Star Portrait get to pick a style that fits their individuality and provides a cinematic experience for the audience. You simply pick the level of interaction that suits you, Guest Perspective, Semi-Choreographed, or Ultra Cinematic and allow my artistic method take its course. I use camera movement, colors, natural and artificial lighting to bring the movie like experience to my imagery. I operate two cameras at every wedding to give my couples variety and I can provide extra camera operators for a more dynamic video experience or peace of mind.  My presence is always gracious and discrete to keep everyones focus where it belongs, on you. 


       To book services for your wedding day a 25% deposit is necessary and yes, I do accept payments but it should be mentioned, the total is due before the shoot day. There is a mileage fee of $1.00 for events outside of 30 miles from the center of San Antonio. I proudly provide coverage for 6 / 8 and 10 hour weddings. Packages are $1,100 / $1,400 / and $1,700 dollars. At peek seasons projects can take up to 10 weeks for post production processing but, rush delivery is available.

6 Things to know...

    1. The Guest Perspective is a unique vantage point for the viewer as it provides a nostalgic feel to the film. It puts the audience in the crowd shoulder to shoulder as if you were one of the guest. It's the perfect choice for a couple that wants their guest to enjoy the best view of events, or just prefers to keep cameras at a distance. A Simi-Choreographed film will include a more hand on approach to setting up certain shots and always picking positions in front of the crowd to have the best shot possible. This style is more typical to what some might see regularly. The Ultra-Cinematic experience is what a couple needs if they have a vision already mapped in their mind. This option allows for the planning of particular shots with allotted time to prep and accomplish a desired look.


     2. At times camera crews can be limited by the guidelines of the ceremony officiant , the venue, or even the reception site management. Couples will have to agree and accept the technical results of their imposition on the creative process. Negotiating with the officials for moderation of guidelines is the couples responsibility however, I will always offer technical recommendations and assist in explanations to venues and or officials as required.

      3. Post productions starts the very next day so any music choices for films should be delivered as soon as possible or I'll be forced to pick songs on your behalf. Any change of music will have fees attached so, save yourself the fees and submit music choices early on after booking. 

      4.  A day as a camera operator entails working in the elements carrying bags of equipments, up and down stairs, lifting cameras over our heads and getting down low. As you can tell it's a workout so, keeping our energy up is vital. At a wedding as long as 6 hours or more I plan to eat a snack or small meal when my couple eats. It's alway best to schedule my meal at the same time so I don't miss any interaction between the couple and their guest. 

        5. Camera gear takes a moment to set up for each setting so prep time is always a factor. When covering a live event schedules get moved around and secret surprises spring out of no where. To ensure coverage of every special moment put someone who's in the know, in charge of coordinating with me to allow for that prep time. These coordinators can help point out VIP's and gather the appropriate group of people for family shots as well.

        6.  Speaking of schedules, shooting starts at scheduled start time and ends at said end time. Extra hours are available in most cases upon request and couples can choose to extend coverage in 30 minute intervals . For each 30 minutes it's just $75.00  per operator.  
















“Rene was seriously one of the best vendors that I worked with throughout the whole wedding process. He was so flexible and I could not have asked for a better videographer to have gone with. My wedding highlights and full length video both turned out amazing! Now when people ask me what item I would grab if my home caught fire, I say “my wedding videos!!!!” Although Rene also covers this base by providing forever access to both videos through optional YouTube upload and email links. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire a videographer. Thanks so much Rene! I am one happy bride.  ” 


—  Kendall L.  (Bride)